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  1. Image of a woman experiencing dizziness

    Are you dizzy or is it vertigo?

    - Clinical Conditions

    We use the term dizziness to describe a number of sensations we feel, from lightheadedness to feeling off balance, to spinning, tilting and swaying. But not all episodes of dizziness are created equal.

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  2. Ergonomic Assessments At Home

    Back In Motion are now offering ergonomic assessments at your home to ensure clients have a good workstation setup that will help to prevent injuries.

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  3. Telehealth - Physio Online is now available at Back In Motion

    Our doors are still open, but if you can’t come to us we can come to you through Telehealth, our new Physio Online service. This will allow all clients to continue treatment with their Physio of choice, and stay on the road to recovery.

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  4. Back In Motion Health Group Launch Virtual Physio

    - Business Updates, Injury Treatment and Prevention, Men’s Health, Pain Management, Physio Tips, Senior’s Physio, Wellbeing, Women’s Health, Workplace health

    Can’t get to a Physio? Back In Motion Health Group has launched Physio Online - a new service to provide Physiotherapy consultations over video chat.

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  5. Torn hamstring

    Hamstring injuries in AFL football

    - Injury Treatment and Prevention

    Pulling a hammy isn’t just limited to the world of football! If you are involved in sports or activities that require a high degree of speed, power and agility, you could be susceptible to a hamstring tear.

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