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Home Care Packages (HCP) are one of the ways that older Australians can access affordable care services including physiotherapy and podiatry. At Back In Motion Wantirna South, our main purpose for our older population is to promote healthy ageing. Healthy ageing is about creating the environments and opportunities that enable people to be and do what they value throughout their lives. One of the keys to healthy ageing is adopting behaviours that keep us physically, mentally and socially well. 

Why do physiotherapy and exercise help with the older population? 

1.    Disease prevention such as heart disease and diabetes, improve immune function
2.    Improve mental health and sleep
3.    Decreased risks of falls by improving strength, flexibility, balance and coordination
4.    Improve social engagement
5.    Improve cognitive function, lower risk of dementia 

What conditions can physiotherapy help with? 
1.    Falls prevention 
2.    Osteoarthritis
3.    Osteoporosis
4.    Mobility
5.    Pre and post hip/knee replacements
6.    Incontinence
7.    Parkinson’s Disease, dementia 

Whether it is to go on a cruise holiday or just keeping up with the little ones, our experienced team of physiotherapists will work with you to achieve the goals that are most important to you. We strive to help you maintain the independence that you want for a healthy ageing.

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We provide physio, Clinical Exercise, reformer Clinical Exercise, massage, exercise and rehab services in more than 100 locations right across Australia. We like to work in partnership with you to help you achieve your health and well being goals.

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A "quick-fix" for your pain or injury might sound good, but over time is proven to be inconvenient, costly and ineffective in comparison to taking preventative measures. Our unique clinical approach, Results4LifeĀ®, keeps you on track towards optimal lifelong physical health.

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We are committed to your customer satisfaction. If you are not 100% satisfied with your experience at Back In Motion, we will refund your money on your last session and deliver your next session free.