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What is Physiotherapy?

Published: 05 September 2013

Just what is Physiotherapy?

The World Confederation of Physical Therapy describes physiotherapists as: “experts in developing and maintaining people’s ability to move and function throughout their lives” and that physios have “an advanced understanding of how the body moves and what  keeps it from moving well, they promote wellness, mobility and independence”.

“Physios"for short are sometimes known as Physical Therapists in other parts of the world and provide treatment and preventative services for a range of health issues such as illness and disease, disability, injuries that occur during physical activity, sport or in the workplace as well as ageing and sedentariness.

You might like to read about how physiotherapy differs to chiropractic here.

Physiotherapy often includes manipulation of your body to acheive proper range of movement and can help you recover from injury by imporving flexibility, reducing soreness and will usually incorporate an ongoing treatment plan to help you maintain optimal fitness for your circumstances.

Physiotherapy includes:

Each of the above avactivites help physio's in their goal of treatment and prevention of injury and maintaining a high quality of living.

Our Physiothrapists

Back In Motion physios pride themselves on their commitment to clinical excellence.

They seek to work with each and every client towards achieving long term health and wellness through both preventative measures and the specialist Results4Life™ treatment program rather than quick fixes. A combination of physiotherapy treatment, massage, Clinical Exercise and even Whole Body Vibration Therapy are utilised to achieve the client's goals.

This Sunday September 8  is World Physio Day where we acknowledge and celebrate the contribution physiotherapists all over of the world make to people’s lives. Jump on over to the Back In Motion Facebook Page tomorrow to give a virtual 'pat on the back'  to thank them for their contribution to making your life, or the life of someone in your community that much better.