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Why cheat days/meals suck

The concept of a cheat day/meal irks Carly. A lot!


Week 4 – Cross train

Variety is the key to life. Everything in moderation. If you would like to be a great runner, it can’t be all about running.


Now we know that the sugar in fruit is not bad…

Humans love a fad diet; a promised easy fix to a complicated problem. Indeed, social media and the tabloid press have feed the idea that all sugar is bad and must be eliminated!


Week 3 – Strong runners

Running is hard. Make no mistake, that’s probably why a lot of people don’t do it! It’s also a lot of fun, and we know how to make your running a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable.


Week 2 – Choose the Right Shoes

The shoes you choose are so important to keep you running.

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