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Joint Crepitations - why do my joints crack?

Crepitus describes any audible sounds (cracking, creaking, clicking, grinding, grating, etc.) coming from a moving joint.


Salt: What’s the deal?

Salt is made up of sodium and chloride; two key minerals that play a fundamental role in several processes in the body.


Week 6 – Optimal Run Technique

There are so many reasons why we might get sore or sustain injuries when we run. As we discussed there are also many ways that we can prevent running injuries.


World Heart Day

World Heart Day is a global initiative to encourage families and individuals to take control of their heart health.


Week 5 - Map My Run

There are so many running apps these days that track your running. There’s legitimately one called ‘Map My Run’, but our favorite at Back In Motion Eltham is Strava.

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