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The Lumbar Slipped Disc

The Lumbar Slipped Disc

The condition is widely referred to as a slipped disc, but this term is not medically accurate as the spinal discs are firmly attached between the vertebrae and cannot “slip” out of place. There is a

Injury blog: Spinal fracture

Injury blog: spinal fracture

Dr. Andrew Arnold, Chiropractor talks about spinal fracture, causes, symptoms and management.

The benefits of therapeutic ma

The benefits of theraputic massage

Dr. Andrew Arnold discusses the benefits of therapeutic massage therapy.

Chiropractic myth-buster

Chiropractic myth-buster

Despite the rise in popularity in recent years, some myths surrounding chiropractic care remain. We’re here to bust open some of the most common misconceptions.

What happens to muscles as we

What happens to muscles as we age?

Dr Andrew Arnold is registered Chiropractor who discusses the natural process of muscle loss and this impacts our daily living.

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